Epirus, a hidden gem for foodies

Simple yet exciting, the cuisine of northwestern Greece is full of delightful dishes and tasty combinations. The region’s culinary identity is based on raw materials of excellent quality, while the local gastronomy depends mostly on farming products such as milk, cheese, yogurt and meat. Epirus has a long tradition in cheese-making due to the area’s fresh milk. In Delphi and Dodoni, you can find delicious feta cheese that is considered the best in Greece. The area is also famous for metsovone, the spicy vasilotyri and kefalotyri, a hard cheese made sheep and goat milk. Manouri, a salt-free cheese is also a must-try, or if you like stronger flavors, you will be excited with galotyri, a heavy and creamy cheese from sheep milk.
What you should definitely taste during your visit, are the famous handmade pies! In Epirus practically everything can be made a pie: cheese, vegetables, greens, meat, mushrooms even macaroni! Made with or without phyllo, there are dozens to choose from, “chortopita’” (herb-pie), “spanakopita” ( with spinach), “galatopita” (milk-pie), “kimadopita” (with minced meat), “prasopita” (leak-pie), “kolokithopita” (pumpkin-pie), “lachanopita”(with cabbage) “manitaropita” (mushroom-pie). To accompany these delicacies, we suggest white wine from Zitsa, produced from the indigenous Debina variety or a glass of red wine from the mountainous area of Metsovo.