Acheron River

Just about 50km away from Syvota runs the mythical Acheron River, one of the five that led to the Underworld. Its name comes from the greek word “achos” that means grief. According to the greek mythology, on the banks of the river, Hermes Necropompos was carrying the souls of the dead to Hades. Each soul had to pay a coin for passage and those who could not pay, had to wander the shores for a hundred years.
This legendary river creates a unique scenery of serenity and unspoiled natural beauty with its crystal clear water and the surrounding rocky landscape. The best way to admire the natural wonder of the area is to go river trekking. The path passes through an impressive gorge and leads to the arched Dala’s bridge and the Tzavelena ladder path. For those who want to explore the area’s wild side, rafting is the ideal way to discover secluded spots while sailing past deep gorges and lush mountain slopes. During summer, horse riding in the river is also very popular.